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What is the future trend of clothing market?
2020-03-12 08:11:09

garment digitalization

The growing economic uncertainty has brought great challenges to the clothing market. It is expected that the growth rate of market sales will slow down to 3.5% and 3.2% respectively in 2019 and 2020. In the forecast report on the future trend of clothing market, business leisure men's wear is becoming more and more important. Ultra fast fashion entering into low-end cities and the growth of personalized customization demand are several development trends that can not be ignored.

Source: excerpt from inspiration and lifestyle

Trend 1: Men's business and leisure wear is becoming more and more important

Past luxury is about gold, marble and chandeliers, lobbies and luxury hotels. Now, it's about experience, about destination.

With the increasing proportion of global business travelers in the booming cities in the Asia Pacific region, the concept of business leisure is becoming more and more important. For modern business travelers, the idea of "working for life but not for entertainment" has rapidly ebbed. Comfort, leisure and work are the ultimate pursuit. In this macro trend, men's wear is an exciting plate, we see more dynamic changes and creative power than women's wear. The trend of business men's wear is not only street oriented, outdoor oriented, but also to meet the needs of work, leisure and other scenes, and take into account the comfort.

Trend 2: ultra fast fashion entering low-end cities

The awakening of aesthetic consciousness of consumption in low-end cities has formed a new "no man's land" in the fashion market. In addition to the nearly saturated first tier and new first tier cities, low-level cities, county markets and rural markets are waiting to be stimulated. Sharp e-commerce enterprises have targeted this blank but huge potential market. With the characteristics of the low-end city's follow-up consumption upgrading, as well as the town youth's easy to be "planted grass", the "new and fast" supply chain model has become particularly important. The super fast fashion brand missguided can launch 1000 new products every month, update the inventory once a day, ASOs can complete the product process within 2-8 weeks, the average time to market is about 6 weeks, boohoo 2-4 weeks, and traditional retailers need 6-9 months.

Trend ා 3: demand growth of personalized customization

The middle class, the new middle class and the new potential group are the two main pillars of the current consumption. From the perspective of current style preference, the consumers of middle class and new middle class mainly focus on mature and business style luxury brands, but the growth curve of style clearly points to fashion brand and outdoor style. At present, the main consumers of the new potential group are street fashion brands and leisure brands, while the style growth rate strongly points to business style. Therefore, it forms a style folding subdivision between mature business and fashion brand leisure. The formation of this new garment digitalization brings the demand of high-end leisure products. For example, from the perspective of the sales volume of 2018, the scale growth of the price segment above 5000 yuan is very obvious, with the growth rate of more than 900%. It belongs to the blue ocean market, while the growth rate of the market of 200 yuan and below is 0. It is worth paying attention to the combination of leisure demand and high-end business style.